Dental Implants

Replacing Multiple Teeth with Dental Implants

Replacing Several TeethWhen you're missing several teeth, you have the option of replacing them with a partial denture, implant supported crowns or implant supported bridges.

Two or three implants can be placed adjacent to each other to retain multiples crowns.  An implant supported bridge is a structure similar to a traditional dental bridge with the exception that it is supported by implants rather than natural teeth. Often there will be an implant for each tooth that is replaced and the crowns may be attached to each other for greater pressure distribution and stability. It is generally accepted that two implants can hold a three tooth bridge, three implants can hold a four or five tooth bridge and four to eight implants are required to hold longer bridges or full-arch bridges.

Implant Supported Dentures with "All on 4" (Teeth In a Day)

All On 4 AnimationAn innovative, modern technique for replacing a whole arch of teeth now allows us to replace an entire arch of teeth in a single day with as little as 4 implants. With this technique, implants can now be accurately angled to take advantage of the existing bone and often avoid additional bone grafting procedures.

On the day of surgery, patients walk away with an immediate temporary set of teeth while the final set is created in the lab.  In most cases, this allows our patients to skip the temporary removable denture.

This technique has many benefits. Some of which are:

  • less post operative pain
  • better ability to chew & speak
  • stronger jaw line
  • increased confidence
  • and reduced emotional stress.
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