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Teeth Whitening

The KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System is widely regarded as the most effective and reliable system in existence. Created by a renowned cosmetic dentist and bleaching expert, it is currently used around the world by thousands of dentists. There is NOTHING more effective than this bleaching system, I guarantee it. If you want the cheapest bleaching product do zoom, if you want the best then Kor Whitening is the answer. Please check our before/after pics to see the difference

KöR’s superior whitening properties can tackle tough, dark-stained teeth, or simply freshen up minor discoloration.  The whitening is permanent, leaving you with beautiful, natural looking teeth for life. Our office offers a complimentary consultation for bleaching.

Some advantages of the whitening system include:

  • Low to no sensitivity 
  • A comfortable and easy process
  • The only whitening system effective even on dark, tetracycline-stained teeth
  • You can keep drinking coffee, tea or red wine
  • Safe for teeth and gums
  • The results last a lifetime – permanent white!
  • Healthy, natural, and beautiful white teeth as a result
  • For ages 14 - 90

KöR is not only the highest ranked whitening product, it is also the only whitening system to be named “Best Product”. 

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